Zach's next book, "Hula-Hoops & Vampires" is now available.

Hula-hoops & Vampires is a progression of hip hop superhero psychedelic science fiction. If you read When Bees Enslaves Ants, this new book would be a sequel. Though feel free to read Hula-hoops & Vampires first, then go back and explore When Bees Enslave Ants as a prequel.

Hula-hoops & Vampires isn’t built around a clear plot. More of a layer in a larger story where secrets unfold behind and ahead of the reader. And within the book we explore different understandings of art, love, karma, manifestation and Big Zach’s journey through More Than Lights music.

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Headspin, Headshots & History: Growing Up In Twin Cities Hip Hop

The Local Show for December 11, 2011 – 89.3 The Current

David Campell intervews Zach Combs after the release of  Headspin, Headshots & History: Growing Up In Twin Cities Hip Hop

Join Minnesota Public Radio’s David Campbell as he explores the Twin Cities local music scene, both past and present. Tune in to hear rare songs, live tracks, and in-studio performances.

When Bees Enslave Ants

When Bees Enslave Ants

Peace. My name is Zach Combs. In 2011 I wrote and self published a book called “Headspin, Headshots and History; Growing Up In Twin Cities Hip Hop”. It was a memoir of the last 20 years of the Minnesota hip hop scene. It was was my first attempt at writing. To challenge myself, I decided to write a novel. Since I grew up on comic books, I decided to turn it into a series. Issue One, is called ‘When Bees Enslave Ants’