Feb 15

New Kanser joint “Maybe This Moment”

Maybe This Moment banner (1)This fifteen minute piece of music features many of our good friends. The majority of the production was done by Big Jess of the Unknown Prophets. Bass and guitar were played in the first section by Twinkie Jiggles and Josh Peterson of Heiruspecs. Transition production was done by Midway Felix, also of the Heiruspecs. And the four bar vocal glitch in the middle of the song was enraged by Mike the Martyr. The order of verses go, Big Zach, Big Shiz, Raashan Ahmad, Unicus, MeshOne, Kipp G, OSP, Glo Pesi of the Abstract Pack, Midway Felix. The angelic female vocals in the second evolution of the chorus were gifted to us by Kristina Marie Castaneda out of Iowa. The spirit of Alicia Steele slides through the song before OSP’s verse. And the third evolution of the chorus is sung by Unicus and Muadib (also of Heiruspecs).

Stream & Download Here

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